Start Your Winery Cleaning Equipment Distributionship


If you are looking to become a distributor to sell industrial cleaning equipment for winery cleaning with no on-going fees or franchise fees and greater return on investment, Duplex Cleaning Machines have the distributorship opportunity for you. Duplex Cleaning Machines provides some of the most powerful industrial units that generates up to 180 degrees Celcius dry steam available on the market today, which are suitable to disinfect and dislodge tartars inside wine barrels for wineries.


With the range of Duplex winery cleaning equipment and steam machines, you can offer the advantages such as:


  • Fast and Efficient: the large water capacity and casing design permits continuous use
  • Easy and Simple: the process of winery cleaning using Duplex machines takes only 15 minutes of time without a single chemical.
  • Low Water Usage:
  • Steam removes tartares.
  • Duplex industrial steam penetrates and kill Brettanomyces which is the major source of wine barrel infestation.
  • Steam regenerates the oak
  • Less time in cleaning
  • Natural process without chemicals


The Duplex distribution for range of winery cleaning packages is unique. There are no franchise fees, no lengthy contracts or huge investment requirements, as you only will acquire our Duplex industrial cleaning machines.


A typical Duplex winery cleaning equipment distribution package consists of Salla, Steam Pressure, Steambox, and Thermoglide. The Steam Pressure is ideal for sanitising and deep cleaning of the wine barrels whilst the Jetvac industrial cleaners are ideal for chemical free cleaning of equipment, and vacuuming of large flooring area. Thermoglide is ideal for cleaning floors and corridors.


Industrial Cleaning Applications
Duplex's Steam Pressure can disinfect and clean 150 barrels per day!










Wine Barrel Cleaning

Benefits of establishing Duplex Winery Cleaning Equipment Distribution:

  • You will be able to offer efficient and effective machines that can add longevity and restore quality to the barrels.
  • You will be able to offer quick and efficient sales due to the extreme portability of the Duplex equipment
  • You will have diverse cleaning equipment to choose from and increased revenue
  • You will have support from the Duplex global brand
  • You will be able to offer quality cleaning equipment that removes leftover tannins and tartares effectively.







Ideal Duplex range for Winery Cleaning Equipment Distributionship:



Salla Thermoglide Steambox

Steam Pressure Jetvac Major Jetvac Maxi