Why use Duplex products to establish distribution business?


Duplex Cleaning steam products are very well known worldwide as the Duplex brand originates from Italy and has extensive distribution network around the world. By setting up a distribution business using Duplex products, you will have the opportunity to work directly with Duplex representatives around the world and become backed up with numerous support in sales, marketing and business activities.


On other hand than that, Duplex products also provide number of advantageous benefits to include:


  • Quick and Effective: Duplex products are powerful steam generator in compact body and size, permitting a consistent and continuous jet of superheated 180 degrees Celcius dry steam and hot water detergent injectable in the same time at highest pressure as up to 150 Bars. Whilst producing enormous power of steam, it only requires 5 minutes to start up and provide no downtime due to its featured automatic boiler refilling.

  • Advanced Features: besides being very powerful steam generator, the Duplex products are also able to inject chemical detergents for faster and more effective cleaning. It is also equipped with a vacuum motor, which sucks in grime and dirt dislodged by the steam action to leave a clean and dry surface.  Furthermore Duplex floorscrubbers have its uniquely ergonomic design build which is OH&S friendly and pain-free for contract cleaners to clean the floors with ease as it provides ability to clean right to edge from wall to wall as well as allows flexible manouvering in forwards and backwards motion.

  • Environment Friendly: many of Duplex products are water-saving and chemical free that they do not waste precious resources. All Duplex floorscrubbers only require one bottle of water whilst the steam cleaning and industrial equipment can contain only one bucket of water to operate to clean.


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Duplex Car Steam Cleaning
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Duplex Equipment Range:


Domestic Cleaning with Jetsteam Pro Domestic Cleaning with Jetsteam Tosca Domestic Cleaning with Jetsteam Maxi

Domestic Cleaning with Jetvac Pro Domestic Cleaning with Jetvac Eco

Duplex 340 Kitchen Cleaning with Duplex 420 Duplex Steam

Steam Pressure Jetvac Major Jetvac Maxi

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