Become a Healthcare Cleaning Equipment Distributor


If you are looking to become a distributor to sell and distribute cleaning equipment that are specialised for healthcare industry to clean a various areas needing high hygiene or infection control measures, chances are that you could be leading the industry by providing versatile steam cleaning machines from Duplex for effective healthcare cleaning applications.


With the range of Duplex healthcare cleaning equipment in your disposal, you can offer to an incredibly long list of clients such as:


  • Medical Centres: sell compact steam cleaners for equipment detailing.


  • Hospitals: provide or lease commercial and high-end steam cleaning machines for corridor cleaning, bathroom disinfection, equipment sanitisation, terminal cleaning, routine cleaning and infection control regimes. Duplex 420 Steam, Jetvac Professional, Jetsteam Maxi are popular selections.


  • Private Doctors:sell and provide domestic steam cleaners such as Jetsteam Professional for a range of equipment detailing and disinfection in their private practice business.


  • Aged Care Retirement Villages: sell OH&S friendly and ergonomic cleaning machines that makes everyday cleaning easier and faster to promote hygiene among patients.


  • Dental Clinic: sell Jetsteam Maxi and Thermoglide, the most popular steam cleaners used in dental clinics and hospitals for sanitising and disinfecting dental chairs, cleaning walls and floors.


  • Veterinary Clinics:sell a range of cleaning equipment for a variety of cleaning applications such as floor cleaning, animal cage cleaning, operating theatres, and many more


  • Massage Centres and Day Spas: provide disinfector machines to prevent infection outbreaks whilst restore and deodorise most spa equipment such as massage bed, spa bath, mattress, aromatherapy equipment, bench and sofa.


  • and many more!



Healthcare Cleaning Equipment Healthcare Cleaning with Duplex Steam
Our Duplex floor scrubber such as Duplex 420 Steam can effectively clean and decontaminate many types of surfaces.














Benefits of become a Healthcare Cleaning Equipment Distributor

  • You will be offer to versatile range of OH&S friendly cleaners
  • You will be able to offer quick and efficient sales due to the extreme portability of the Duplex equipment
  • You will be able to gain an exposure to a large industry in healthcare
  • You will have support as Duplex products are the healthcare industry choice of cleaning machines for their infection control measures.
  • You will be able to offer chemical-free and green environment friendly cleaning machines that only produce superheated dry steam that is safe and eliminate the environmental waste caused by harmful chemicals and excessive use of water and other liquid agents used for hard labour cleaning.






Ideal Duplex range for Healthcare Cleaning Equipment Distributionship:


Jetsteam Professional Thermoglide Jetsteam Maxi

Jetvac Professional Jetvac Junior Jetvac Eco

Duplex 340 Duplex 420 Duplex Steam