Start Your General Cleaning Equipment Distributionship


If you are looking to become a cleaning equipment distributor and start your own equipment sales distribution agency, then look no further than Duplex Cleaning Machines for an ideal product sales distribution opportunity.

Steam cleaners has been growing impressively in the market over the past few years during the recession. This is the reason why steam has been proven as the number one disinfector and cleaning method for decontaminating bacteria without chemicals. Duplex Cleaning Machines offers some of carpet cleaners, and commercial steam cleaners that generates up to 150 Bar high pressure available on the market today, which definitely makes your distribution business opportunity more lucrative.


With the range of Duplex general cleaning equipment in your disposal, you can offer to an incredibly long list of clients such as:


  • Carpet Cleaners: sell and distribute Duplex floor scrubber range such as Duplex 280 to commercial cleaners who clean carpets in the dwellings;



  • Healthcare: sell and distribute steam compact cleaning equipment such as Jetsteam Maxi and Thermoglide, and floor cleaners such as Duplex Steam to most health and medical centres


  • Contract Cleaners: sell and distribute popular cleaning machines to contract cleaners, either residential, commercial or industrial



  • Equipment Hire: provide a range of cleaning equipment available for hire.



Start General Steam Cleaning Business
Our Duplex steam cleaner can perform a range of different steam cleaning applications to suit your requirements.











Contract Cleaning with Duplex

Benefits of establishing Duplex General Cleaning Equipment Distribution:

  • Business management opportunity
  • You will be able to offer quick and efficient sales due to the extreme portability of the Duplex equipment
  • You will have diverse cleaning equipment to choose from and increased revenue
  • You will have support from the Duplex global brand
  • Low start-up cost including equipment
  • Industry leading brand and product range well known worldwide
  • Profitable margins and no ongoing fees.






Ideal Duplex range for General Cleaning Equipment Distributionship:


  Pro Package
  Expert Package








Jetsteam Maxi Duplex 340 Jetsteam Maxi

Duplex 340 Jetvac Junior Jetvac Inox

Duplex Steam