Become an Automotive Cleaning Equipment Distributor


If you like working with cars and are looking to become a distributor to sell and distribute automotive cleaning equipment, then Duplex Cleaning Machines have the automotive cleaning equipment distributionship or dealership that could be the perfect business opportunity for you. The demand for mobile automotive detailing has seen the increase of automotive cleaning of the cars that are stuck in traffic or in homes, and this trend eventually provide great opportunity to sell the versatile industrial steam cleaner to potential customer for a range of cleaning tasks in the customer's car. Our Duplex cleaning machines have an excellent range of machines and steamers that can help in cleaning many areas in the car, for instance, dashboards, engines, trims and many more.


With the range of Duplex automotive cleaning equipment in your stock, you can offer a variety of automotive cleaning types:


  • Mobile Car Detailing in anywhere: you can just carry the machines in your car and sell them in flexible schedule.
  • Car Upholstery Cleaning: with Jetvac and Jetsteam you can clean leather seats, suede seats, dashboards, seat belts and storage areas
  • Engine Degreasing:with Steam Pressure or Steambox you can degrease and clean the engines efficiently and effectively.
  • Exterior Cleaning: with Jetvac Pro or Jetvac Junior you can



A typical Duplex automotive cleaning equipment distribution package consists of Jetvac Pro, Jetsteam Maxi, Jetvac Junior, Aqua Tank, Steel upholstery tool with brushes, and microfibre pack. Aqua Tank is perfect for compact car washing machine that you can carry anywhere to perform a large variety of cleaning applications in remote locations. Jetvac machines are ideal for removing stubborn stains or permanent spots on the exterior as well as disinfecting and deodorising the interior surfaces.

Automotive Cleaning
Cleaning the interior of a car is made faster and hygienic with Duplex automotive cleaning equipment.





Industrial Cleaning

Benefits of establishing Duplex Automotive Cleaning Equipment Distribution:

  • Business management opportunity
  • You will be able to offer quick and efficient sales due to the extreme portability of the Duplex equipment
  • You will have diverse cleaning equipment to choose from and increased revenue
  • You will have support from the Duplex global brand
  • Low start-up cost including equipment
  • Industry leading brand and product range well known worldwide
  • Profitable margins and no ongoing fees.







Ideal Duplex range for Automotive Cleaning Equipment Distributionship:



  Expert Package   pro Package








Jetsteam Professional Jetsteam Tosca Jetsteam Maxi

Jetvac Professional Jetvac Junior Jetvac Eco